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October 11, 2008



I was having dreams that my boyfriend of seven years was cheating on me and I couldnt stop dreaming of them. Months later he ends up cheating on me and tells me... Was the dream a warning for me or a coincidence?


maybe you have had this in your consciousness for sometime, and then it came out in your dream(s). Some say we dream about the day's events or thoughts. Most people already know when their partner is cheating on them, either consciously or subconsciously. So if this is the case, your dream may have been a sign... This is such a personal thing, only you really know what's up here...


My brother in law spent the whole weekend (fri-sun)with us, those are the days my husband & I spend together, our alone time!!! Sunday he takes him home & goes snowboarding too! I had this terrible dream lastnight but its good to know that it is just my subconscious telling me that I've been felling abandoned this weekend :(


I often go through times where I will dream about my husband cheating on me. It is devistating and feel all to real. I have a wonderful husband, but in my past I have two ex-husbands that both cheated on me. My husband and I have been together for 8 years and I wonder and he wonders when I will stop being fearful of being abandoneded again. He takes it personal when I have these dreams and need some reassurance from him. I don't want to drive a wedge between us with my insecurities, but I don't know how to stop dreaming and fearing infedelity. Just trying to understand. :(


I've been with my fiance for three years. About a year ago he made me believe he was cheating, just to make me mad. Which caused us to split up, until we talked it through, but now it won't go away. And I have dreams almost every night that hes cheating with the same person. I try not to think about it, because now were both home all the time so its impossible for him to be cheating. We've talked about it so much it should be crystal clear he didn't cheat. I've never had a dream feel this real, sometimes I wake up mad at him. And I have to say it was a dream in my head to become calm about it. IDK what to do:(


omg lately i been having dreams about my husband cheating on me, i mean before in the past he did cheated on me when i was pregnant, but now im sure hes good, but than i started having these dreams especially him going back with his x...and it gets me real sad, but than i am a Negative, person VERY!!!


So a couple of days ago I had an awful dream that my spouse and I were arguing.then all of a sudden he comes and kisses another woman says he's leaving me and I'm the one chasing after him threw the whole dream. He didn't want me any more. But I remember the othe womans face so well, I've never seen her before in my life and turns out she works with my spouse. How do I understand this dream is it a warning of what might happen or what's already happened I'm lost and confused and it's on my mind now ever since I dreamt it.


my girlfriend cheated on me 6 years ago and when we ment and ever since i keep having bad dreams she is cheating on me what dos this mean

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I had a dream were my husband was skating with 2 women and he was being unfaitfull I confroted him in the dream what does that mean ???pleasa help ??

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